Tesoro has introduced new computer chair for players


We all know how important ergonomic PC controls, keyboard and mouse. And in games of their convenience may depend result – victory or defeat. But equally important for those who spend a lot of time at the computer, including the category of professional players, is a seemingly distant from the world of the PC object like a chair. The company the Tesoro, a well-known manufacturer of gaming peripherals, has decided to try himself in the role of creator of comfortable computer chairs, announcing a series of Zone Balance.

New chairs are positioned in the first place, as a solution for professional players, but it follows from this that they fit perfectly and any other category of users that due to the long-term presence of the PC keyboard is important comfort. The new series is to be available in three color combinations: black and red, black and white and a black. Design Tesoro Zone Balance is designed taking into account all requirements of ergonomics and uses high-quality components, such as a pneumatic piston of the fourth class, designed for a load of 150 kilograms.

The stuffing of seats is made of so-called cold or “intelligent” foam, which provides excellent cushioning properties and elasticity, but breathable. Such foam adapts to the contours of the body and evenly distribute the load. Coverage is made of high quality artificial leather. The geometry of the “bowl” is borrowed from the seat race car seats. Base in Zone Balance steel, it refers to the five-star class, which guarantees the highest reliability. The chair is equipped with a reclining backrest mechanism 180 degrees and has all other necessary adjustments, including adjustment of the height of the armrests. Prices, unfortunately, not yet been published.


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