Tesla refers to two days an important presentation. And the curiosity increases


Exactly one week ago we told you of upcoming events announced by Tesla Motors Elon Musk . In addition to the already scheduled presentation of the new solar roof at the end of October, Musk had upped the ante by adding a “mysterious” product for the day today, he said largely unexpected.

Still in the midst Tweet past few hours but did partially backed down, declaring that the product is not ready, and the event is postponed to Wednesday .

It is of course unknown product that will be presented, and it’s not known whether it will be something tangible, as the second part of dell’unveil Model 3, or just a novelty in software or services .

Meanwhile Electrek.co site launched a survey to collect the opinions of the readers, and according to 39% of the voters will see the new Autopilot System updated, although many are hoping for a new car, the Model Y .

However few hopes of seeing already half of work, as provided for Pick Up or minivan, as always is the minimum expected for a normal version of the Model S and X 100 kWh, that the house for now It provides only for variant Performance. There are only 48 hours for the final answer.

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