Tesla amended the dedicated to the electric car model page Model 3 at least for the American version of the site, specifying that the car will see you now who will order no first half 2018 or maybe even later. Production and delivery of the first Model 3 ordered should start by the end of 2017. The amendment, therefore, only those who now will book its Model 3 through Tesla’s official website. The company has, however, specified that the changes on the site do not reflect a change in the production of the Model policies 3. Production of the new electric car had been planned for 2017 and it will. Only deliveries of new orders will be postponed.

Moreover, Tesla has to be able to handle a large number of orders. Despite the Model 3 we do not know all the details, as well 400,000 people have paid a deposit of $ 1,000 / € to be able to book. Therefore, the company will have to work hard to meet the delivery time of those who have already placed the order. For all other waiting, will, therefore, much longer. More details on the future of the Model 3 may be unveiled today because Tesla has a program in an event of which, however, do not know the details. Besides, who has booked the Model 3 is feverishly waiting to know all the specifics. During the presentation of March, the company has unveiled a design that was not definitive, however, especially in the interior, and he did not want to reveal too many technical details except that the ‘ autonomy will be at least 345 km and that ‘acceleration up to 100 km / h will be covered in less than 6 seconds.


The base price of the Model 3 was established in $ 35,000 an “aggressive” cost wanted to allow to spread more rapidly the use of electric cars. The current models Model S and Model X in fact, are prohibitively expensive for most people even if they have content from true supercar.