Tesla Companies banned in Germany to use the term “autopilot” in their advertising car.


Federal Agency for Road Transport Germany (KBA) has sent Tesla a prescription with requirement in view of the fact that the function of “autopilot” has come under scrutiny from regulators because of two accidents of its electric cars fatalities in northern China and in Florida. Also recorded was a road accident in Germany when the electric Tesla with “autopilot” function activated crashed into a tour bus.

In order to prevent misunderstandings and false expectations among customers, we ask that the misleading term” autopilot “is no longer used in the advertising system “, – quotes the resource the Local letter KBA.

REUTERS/Beck Diefenbach

REUTERS / Beck Diefenbach

The “autopilot”, which appeared at the Car Series Model S in October 2015, It does not involve the complete replacement of the driver. Thanks to the “autopilot” only simplifies the movement in the selected row and maintaining a safe distance.

Tesla representative told the news agency AFP, in turn, “ We always told clients that the” autopilot “- support system for the driver, it requires constant attention