The “system autopilot ” of Tesla has come under fire for much criticism in recent months because of fatal accident which was also caused an “incorrect” use of this driving aid. The event led the authorities to investigate the platform driver assistance of well-known manufacturer of electric cars. Although the event has happened in America, in Europe there who points a finger at this autonomous driving platform. In particular, the German Minister for Transport has stated that the autopilot of Model S Tesla is a major problem for traffic.

Reuters reports that following this statement, the German government has begun to send a notice to all holders of a Tesla asking exercise caution using dell’autopilot. The letter, in particular, reminds the owners of Tesla that the autopilot is, in fact, a driver assistance system that still requires the driver’s full attention. Actually Tesla correctly describes its autonomous driving platform but authorities are concerned that drivers do not pay due attention during the use of the platform, leaving too much self autonomy. Moreover, the dramatic incident in America is not the only one that has occurred to Tesla in recent months although not all have as the guilty driver assistance platform.


But for those the authorities are worried that in the future other accidents can happen due to use too uninhibited dell’autopilot mainly as a result of the increasing prevalence of these car models. In addition, authorities also dispute the name given by Tesla to the platform, or “autopilot” that would generate confusion among buyers into thinking that the machine can have a real autopilot .