Tesla can not use the word “Autopilot” in Germany


From multiple sources was confirmed the existence of official letter that the German Minister of Transport Alexander Dobrindt, would be targeted at Tesla Motors, with the official request to stop using the term Autopilot to promote highly assisted the Model S and Model X driving capabilities

KBA, the regulatory body in Germany, would have found in this word a possible cause of confusion for the end user, hinting that the driver’s attention is not required.

Actually Tesla has always made it clear that although Autopilot has stunning features, always needs the support of the pilot in case of malfunctions or unforeseen situations. Recently a confirmation mode presence has also been introduced that requires you to touch the steering wheel. If the operation is not carried out the car slows down, disable auto-steer, which can not be reactivated until you run a manual parking.

The company replica of Elon Musk came through a spokesman, that he used as an example the aerospace industry:

“The term AutoPilot has been used for decades for airplanes. When used correctly, Autopilot reduces the workload for the driver, and provides a higher degree of security than purely manual guide”

After the recent fatal injuries, the guidance system of semi-autonomous Tesla was (in the negative) is often in the spotlight, even if the cases in which it has been useful and has saved the lives of the occupants vehicle ( even in case of illness ) were infinitely superior to the accidents, which are also always the fault of improper use by the owner. Perhaps the German government would do well to take care of idiots behind the wheel, instead of the names used in the descriptions.