Tesla and Panasonic together for photovoltaics


On November 17, will be authorized (or not) l ‘ acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla . The company Elon Musk is, however, already carrying out, planning and partnership agreements intended to create a system in which the generation, storage and use of energy produced by the sun will become accepted practices on a large scale. Today the formalization of a handshake with Panasonic .

The Japanese group has already collaborated with Tesla to realize the integrated electric battery on the car Model 3, in Gigafactory Nevada. The new agreement instead provides for the production of photovoltaic cells and modules in the works SolarCity Buffalo (New York), in order to use them on systems that also will place the devices for storage and powerwall Powerpack . If everything goes as hoped, the operations would take off for an unspecified period of 2017. This an extract, in translation, the statement appeared on the official website.

Tesla and Panasonic have joined forces in a non-binding letter of intent which provides for the beginning of the collaboration to create and produce photovoltaic cells and modules in Buffalo, New York. The agreement, subject to the approval of the shareholders of the acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla, will lead to the use of cells and modules to solar power systems integrated with powerwall and Powerpack, plants for energy storage.


The acquisition of SolarCity by Tesla will require the company to Elon Musk an economic investment estimated at $ 2.6 billion. Last year the company announced the development of a photovoltaic panel with the highest yield ever (22%), allowing it to reduce the size of the systems applied on the roofs of homes and industrial complexes or, the same surface area, greatly increasing the amount of energy produced, which can then be fed into the grid, consumed on site or used for operations such as recharging batteries fitted on cars, thus helping to create a circle virtuous.


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