TensorFlow is an open-source library dedicated to machine learning . Developed by Google and open-source made almost exactly the same a year ago is the foundation of the “artificial intelligence” of various software products such as Gmail, Google Photos, and the engine research itself.

The software is able to run on multiple platforms, both desktop (Linux, MacOS) and mobile (Android, iOS). With the latest 0.12.0 release now adds Windows ; by the time the tests were conducted on Windows 10 machines, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2016. The supported languages ​​are Python and C ++, and is also supported GPU acceleration through CUDA 8.0 and 5.1 cuDNN.

There are some limitations on the execution of Redmond platform, which will be resolved later, along with many other news. Of course it is very technical information; If you are a developer, you can see all the details on official release notes . They are on GitHub .