Technology Pixvana FOVAS provide video content owners VR headsets resolution 10K


It is no secret that the company Valve has a direct relationship to the headset HTC Vive virtual reality, as participated in the development of this device. Therefore there is nothing surprising in the fact that Valve is interested in VR market and in its other areas.

For this reason, at the last event Steam Dev Days talked about cooperation with Pixvana, which will contribute to the emergence of VR video of a higher quality.

Its technology Field of View Adaptive Streaming (FOVAS) capable of providing a video stream with resolution of up to 10K bandwidth, similar to 1080p video stream. Of course, it would have been impossible without certain tweaks.

If FOVAS technology is very well suited phrase about the fact that all brilliant – just. Its essence is that the user does get incredibly clear picture huge resolution in the direction that looks. In this case the remaining part of the image, we recall, we are talking about virtual reality, is formed with a much poorer quality. Roughly speaking, in this case qualitatively that “in focus”. This allows users of high-quality visuals at the usual cost of traffic and bandwidth. It should also be noted that the adaptive transmission method uses the common compression standards (AVC / H.264).

Pixvana already made available on when Steam, where you can try out how it works FOVAS. When will full-service, is unclear.

Valve’s the VR

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