The company Samsung, reported online sources, has filed a patent application for “image processing system for wearable color display devices »(Image Processing for head Mounted display devices).

We are talking about virtual reality helmets with advanced features for user tracking. The application was filed back in May last year, but only now made public the document.

Samsung offers to record not only the position of the helmet in the space, but also the user’s reaction to the events in the virtual environment. To do this, the device must be equipped with various sensors – both outside and in the interior of


It is assumed that the sensors will be able to track the movement of the user’s eyes and the expression on his face. On the basis of the information received can in some way to optimize and adjust the image in the virtual world.

However, it should be emphasized that while Samsung only patented solution described above. The plans of the South Korean giant in its practical implementation have not been announced.