Taktikon 2: Advance Wars clone for Android


Advance Wars is known for bringing the military strategy games worldwide. From the NES he has always left a degree in every generation of Nintendo consoles, though, are unfortunately few have reached us through these lands (GBA and NDS). The saga is broadly and relatively speaking a kind of Fire Emblem set in a current global conflict where we can find more contemporary units like tanks, fighters, bombers, LAVs, etc. The only way to play something on the mobile until recently was through emulation, but thanks to Taktikon 2 can have a similar experience in our pocket. We tell you all about it below.

War of the colors

Before beginning the review must make something clear; we are facing a very humble game, and it shows especially in the graphics that fulfills its function well but not without a fairly … shabby style. However the gameplay drinks completely as we mentioned before Advance Wars adding some touches that give added value.

The game is based on a combat turn-based strategy in which we must fight for the points of interest that we seek resources while gradually eliminate units opposing team. There are different types of terrain that we confer different advantages and disadvantages; for example the mountains give us more field of view but will cost more points to pass by them movement.

The gameplay is really solid, but the best of this clone is able to enjoy these incredible pitched battles in his multiplayer, either online or via Bluetooth.

If you’re a fan of the series do not wait any longer and conquer enemy territory as soon as possible.

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