the plates allow to comfortably surf the Internet, read books, play and watch, but sometimes such high-tech devices are not a substitute for plain paper, especially when you need to take notes or something to record. to solve this problem is designed apparatus for Remarkable name, that

could replace the tablet, notebook and e-book reader. The device is equipped with a 10.3-inch e-ink display with a delay of only 55 ms and comes with a stylus.

All notes and drawings made at the Remarkable, immediately after the creation automatically downloaded to the cloud storage company, where are available on any other device. In addition, documents can be shared with multiple users of different devices. At the moment, the tablet supports documents in PDF and EPUB format, but in the future, the developers promise to add support for other formats. The creators also note that reMarkable especially useful to those who like to leave notes when reading.


Inside Remarkable installed ARM-based processors . with a clock frequency of 1 GHz and 8 GB of internal memory for storage of documents The device under Codex control – of Custom versions of the Linux operating system, optimized for the E-ink screens Weighing device is 350 grams, while in size it is comparable with the iPad mini

Order reMarkable complete with a protective case and a stylus on the official website for $ 379

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