One of the most popular keyboards for mobile devices, SwiftKey has received the update to Android, thanks to which enter the most frequently used phrase has become much easier. Also appeared in the annex, and other functions, the addition of which SwiftKey users were asked some time ago. Among them – the labels and incognito


First of all, in a special SwiftKey clipboard has been added: it allows you to save individual phrases and quickly insert them into any text-entry box. With the new feature, you can create shortcuts easily accessible links on those phrases that have been saved in the clipboard. For example, instead of manually entering your home address, the user will now be able to save it to the clipboard and create a label with a unique name. When entering the name will automatically be converted into a full home address.

Incognito mode gives even greater control over the keyboard SwiftKey, as well as on the words and phrases that the app remembers. For example, if a person is going to buy an engagement ring and do not want to in the proposed sentences of his phone someone could find “huge diamond”, then he can use incognito mode. To enable it, you must go to the settings on the predictive panel and activate the corresponding function, then the keyboard design theme will change significantly.

All of these new features – part of the overall renovation SwiftKey Hub, gathers in itself all the features and content that people use most often. Through SwiftKey Hub, you can get quick access to the store, and setting the clipboard.