Surface Studio is upgradeable, but only in storage


Surface Studio the latest addition to the Surface family, is a new generation device that transforms the workplace into a powerful digital canvas, giving free rein to more natural and engaging ways to express their creativity on the thinnest LCD monitors available on the market. Thanks to the splendid screen PixelSense 28-inch Ultra HD 4.5K Surface Studio has a definition of the 63% of pixels (well 13.5 million pixels made of pure and realistic colors) more than in an innovative 4K TV, and it can be easily adapted to every stage of the creative process through special zipper Zero Gravity hinge. Moving from Desktop mode to Studio, the screen reaches an angle of 20 degrees – the same as the standard design tables: ideal for drawing, writing and design.

 Surface disassembly Studio

is certainly not a computer for everyone: Surface Studio costs $ 2999 (among other things over in this period) in the base model with an Intel Core i5 processor (Skylake), 8GB RAM, 1TB of storage and Nvidia GeForce graphics, but Microsoft also predicted SKU equipped and more expensive. Considering the sales price, more than one user might be thinking of buying the “entry-level” and then update it and improve it over time, but it will not be pleasant to know that accessibility and expandability is very limited .

The guys at iFixit have “dismantled” a Surface Studio, revealing that storage is the only sector that can be updated and replace . RAM, processor and graphics card are soldered to the motherboard, but Redmond has provided a standard slot for 2.5-inch drives HDD / SSD and one for M.2 SSD that will allow users to expand (if they so wish in the future) the storage space than expected terabytes or add faster SSD. In short, cold comfort especially for those who spend almost $ 3000 for a PC that will use mainly to work in the graphic. Forget, then, adding additional system memory instead you will find pre-installed in the other two SKUs with Core i7, 16GB or 32GB at $ 3,499 and $ 4,199.

The iFixit guys do note that the SATA hard drive and SSD M.2 drives are both positioned at the base of the desktop PC so easy to get to without having to touch the screen in the ‘ else can be repaired and replaced without having to open the base. The news will turn up their nose to some of you, but it is not surprising that much given that many of the latest high-end PCs are built the same way.

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