Supply-4G smartphones in 2016 for the first time exceeded 1 billion pieces


The company International Data Corporation (IDC) has given a preliminary assessment by the volume of supply smart phones in the global market in the past year.

It is expected that shipments of “smart” mobile devices by the end of 2016 will be the first at the level of 1.45 billion units. This would correspond to an increase by only 0.6% over 2015 m. For comparison, sales increased by 10.4% last year


IDC notes that shipments of smart phones with support for mobile networks fourth generation (4G / LTE) this year for the first time exceeded 1 billion shares, amounting to 1.17 billion units. The increase compared with 2015, when sales of such vehicles were estimated at 967 million devices will be at the level of 21.3%.

It is predicted that by the end of the year on Android-phones will have 85.0% of the total volume of shipments of smartphones. More about 14.3% will take the model based on iOS (different versions of the iPhone). On Windows-based device will have only 0.4% of the market.

Analysts also note that in 2020 smartphone shipments globally could reach 1.71 billion pieces. Dominate will continue All Android-devices with approximately 85.6% interest.


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