The company Western Digital announced the release of the 10 millionth hard disk filled with helium later four years from the date of the announcement of these products. A little more than 1.5 years of HDD shipments jumped 10 times.

Helium drives Western Digital made by HelioSeal proprietary technology involving the use of helium in the sealed zone, which has 7 times less dense than air. Thanks to easy this gas is significantly reduced turbulence caused by the rotation of the plates, reducing power consumption and the temperature inside the drive.

The first product to HelioSeal platform was released in 2013. By March 2015 shipments of hard drives filled with helium, reached 1 million pieces. Now these devices produced a total of more than 10 million pieces, and their total capacity is 76 Ebayt. If this amount spread over the 10-terabyte helium the HDD, you can every day to save more than 1 million kW of energy for use in computer systems compared to traditional hard drives, Western Digital said in a statement.

There are currently HelioSeal platform is involved in corporate products and HGST Ultrastar He10 Ultrastar He8, and in families WD Gold, Red, Red Pro and Purple.