Sundar Pichai, Google CEO, another victim of Russian hackers OurMine


The hacker group OurMine is it actually trying the Grand Slam of piracy accounts Twitter celebrities Silicon Valley? In any case, they are gone! After Mark Zuckerberg or Dick Costolo , it is the turn of Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google , for being trapped by the Russian team.

OurMine brought down Twitter’s Sundar Pichai

The methodology OurMine is always the same. Rather than trying to attack frontally the Twitter account of their victims, Russian hackers prefer to seek a gateway through services associated with the account and third party applications.

for hacking Google CEO OurMine went through a half-open security hole in the question / answer service Quora.

A simple warning

Fortunately for the victims of OurMine team, it is not part of the dark side of the force and is part of white-hat hackers. Rather than steal personal data or compromise the reputation of those pirated OurMine prefer warning publish the same tweet every time “#OurMine we are just testing your security? . “

Capture the Twitter account Sundar Pichai when hacking OurMine

As always, the team has not released details of the security flaw to prevent more malicious hackers exploit. Meanwhile, the team, not content to educate us on how we relate to our third party service social networks without thinking, is beginning to forge a reputation by hacking into the accounts of world leaders. In your opinion, who will be their next victim?

Photo Credits: AllThingsD

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