Roscosmos reported that the first inclusion of engines orbiter Trace Gas Orbiter (TGO) mission “exomars 2016” after the separation with the lander, “Schiaparelli” was successful.

“exomars” – a joint project of Roskosmos and the European Space Agency to study the Red Planet, its surface, atmosphere and climate from orbit and on the surface of


Enabling engine was planned to divert the orbiter TGO with collision trajectory with Mars. The main braking maneuver is scheduled for 19 October.

Russian scientific instruments of ACS and my friends are on board TGO. Spectrometric complex ACS is designed to study the atmosphere and climate of Mars, finding minor constituents of the atmosphere, including methane. Friend, in turn, is a neutron spectrometer.

During TGO work in highly elliptical orbit (in preparation for braking maneuvers of the atmosphere) provided the inclusion of scientific instruments, including my friends. On this orbit Freund will perform a series of measurements, it is first necessary to configure the hardware.

Note that the “exomars” project also involves the second phase. It aims to bring to the surface of the Red Planet Russian landing platform with a European rover automatic on board. This phase is scheduled for 2020.