Still “confirmations” for the first Samsung smartphone with flexible displays in Q3 2017


In recent days we are talking a lot of the likely arrival of the first smartphone with foldable display by Samsung after years of research and development and an indeterminable number of patents, by the end of the year. The devices, which could belong all’inedita range Galaxy X should be presented in the third quarter, according to various rumors. The chorus is now added the influential Korea Herald .

According to sources contacted by the magazine, Samsung would plan to enter the market 100,000 of folding phones. The display, once explained, could be used as tablet the size of around 7 inches. An idea very practical when you want to watch a film / video or surfing the Net on-the-go.

The only question that would remain to be resolved at Samsung, also the sources said, is whether we are actually the conditions for a market profitably. Before reaching a final decision, however, it will have completed the reorganization of the leadership, which usually takes place every December. This year, however, was postponed to February / March due to the aftermath of the political scandal of President Park Geun-hye (you can deepen HERE ).

Interesting to note that LG also would be ready with its foldable smartphones . The sources of the Korea Herald arrive far as to say that the LG’s technology is more advanced than that of Samsung . LG might even provide it to competing manufacturers, such as Huawei and Apple.


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