In the past few hours we reported rumors on troubled waters in which would be sailing Cyanogen Inc. Today, Android Police reports that Steve “Cyanogen” Kondik himself, founder of the company, confirmed the situation on Google Plus, downloading much of the blame on the co-founder and CEO Kirt McMaster . Although Kondik not explicitly declare the intention to leave Cyanogen Inc., the firm tone and directed seems to imply beyond reasonable doubt.

Basically Kondik confirms what many in the community have long sensed: The leadership of the company was frequently at odds and “shoot” McMaster over the top were poorly tolerated.

Apparently my co-founder [McMaster, NdR] at some point he was no longer happy to run the business without your own personal vision. It was then that began the public statements nonsense and which were signed bad trade agreements. Being the second in command, all I could do was try to stop him, limit the damage and hope that does not happen every day something new. The worst happened internally and became generally a bad place to work because of all the hassle. I think that the consequences of those false initial steps McMaster convinced that what we had was destroyed.

Although the post is clearly written “hot” and the soul of Kondik is decidedly altered – in fact the Cyanogen was ousted from his own company – the developer, however, acknowledge their responsibility :

Thanks to an account in the bank particularly abundant, newcomers have basically dismantled the company, and they’re going to do whatever they want to do. It’s probably better that way and wish them good luck. But what I was trying to do it, is over. I messed up and I was screwed. On the other hand, the way it works in Silicon Valley, right? “First world problems” to the nth degree. It does a bad lot. I lost a lot of friends and I’m really sorry for all those I have disappointed. I would have made different choices and trusted myself to other people (especially one at the beginning), but all that interests me right now is figuring out what to do now.

Apparently from the comments in the post, always brings Android Police (the original post was published in the private community of CyanogenMod on Google+ for developers, and is not accessible who is not a party), now Kondik intends to focus on revive the fortunes of CyanogenMod . The problem is that Cyanogen Inc. has certain legal rights to the brand and the trademark and CyanogenMod Cyanogen Inc., so it is likely that you will need an entire platform fork – That, at least, is what he says Kondik same.

It is possible that the revival of the ROM will be through crowdfunding, and the new company will be formed to manage a nonprofit; but for now these are just comments and certainly not an official announcement. For sure we will talk again much in the coming weeks.

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