In DLC Death Star have received four new objects highly prized by players, as usual. DICE and keeps us glued to the chair to get weapons and new star charts, giving extra Battlefront life, and we benefit from our new toys.

Earlier we told how to unlock the Heavy Repeater TL-50 Gun Bryar K-16 and Laser Mine , plus some general tips to sweep Combat Station . Today we are going to tell you how to get the Droid Medical, a curious star chart that may need some kind of buffeo to really worthwhile.

Unlocking the Medical Droid Star Wars Battlefront

droide medico battlefront

As we are used to in Battlefront, to unlock a letter or weapon expansions, we must go to menu Contracts Hutt, and buy the contract, “Surgeon” . We ask only two very simple requirements to have it in our arsenal. Cure 10 teammates and achieve rank three toying with the letter Wrestler feature

The first requirement is very easy to get. We must equip the Bacta Bomb and cure 10 teammates to throw. It not both, is accumulated in different games. However, let’s play gameplay that we play, on the map in which we play it is very easy to make 10 cures in a single game. To do to begin, and we have achieved four or five cures.

The second commission some players may cost them a little more. We must use the trait Wrestler star chart, we will giving a bonus to regenerate health faster as you level up. We must reach level 3 for this simply have to get deletions without dying, and we will rise. If we die, we remove one level. To last longer in combat with absurd we should not risk maneuvers, without being overly conservative.

desbloquear bomba bacta battlefront

When we get that, we will have the Droid in the arsenal, and works as follows. It is like a fixed turret throwing Bacta every X seconds and heals us a small percentage not as the Bacta Bomb. It has much time so that eventually we can cure a lot of health, to us and to those around us. The problem is that many points we should spend much time in the same place. And this happens in a few modes of play.

For example in round two of Combat Station, we will be very useful because many bottlenecks are formed . It may also be helpful to put it close to links and checkpoints to take or defend in enclosed spaces. But as much as we are in the same place, we can burst very easily.

When a bottleneck is formed, players Lazan many explosives, so is very normal that our last little Droid heading . Knowing this, DICE should set it to heal more in less time, and that its duration is also lower. A pump Bacta less effect but longer, but not as it is now. So perhaps would make much more sense to take equipped.