Star Wars Battlefront still packed with new features with each package of additional content that hits the market. While it is paid content, DICE so happy to die-hard fans of the game with new orders to complete, to get these new toys are machines to kill. With Death Star reached the four new weapons and star charts that comes with each DLC.

Now I teach to unlock TL-50 a veritable killing machine, and one of the best blaster game until DICE decides nerfear its secondary fire, which will probably happen. Today we detail the steps to unlock the Laser Mine a supplement that was needed, but that does not work very well.

Unlocking the Laser Mine in Battlefront

battlefront mina laser

As usual with star charts of the DLC in Battlefront, we have to buy the contract in the Contracts menu Hutt Hutt. For Mina have the first level and second, to unlock letter improving reducing recharge time of it. We must seek the agreement “Artificer” .

To achieve the Laser Mine must collect 10 eliminations with explosives and 20 playing with Explorer feature chart . Although the second is a bit absurd, what he says does is give us ideas to be that sniper laying traps where enemies can access to hunt. None of the requirements is too complicated, on the contrary, unlock within minutes, and if we are good at a game in Combat Station not need or two games.

This mine does is the function of pump laser trap or any shooter multiplayer. has a laser that detects movement and explodes when an enemy crosses . Kill the touch, and if there are several enemies that happen at once, will kill them all. However it has a very important problem of effectiveness: it is easy to see


When there is an explosive on the battlefield, either grenades or bombs proximity, the game highlights that if it is an ally, and we see a flashing blue symbol, which is very easy to see. This mine also is very cumbersome, and laser detector sees a lot movements. If we become aware of it and do not see the warning Allied bomb is very simple to avoid and destroy distance .

Another big problem I have is that not much use on some maps, such as the Death Star. They are very small maps with many corridors where, a priori, we can we feast on the mine, but rarely pass explode when an enemy . In these maps there are many explosives from one place to another, making mine 90% of the time will detonate at unwanted times. Also, being clean maps without objects in between, they are easy to see.

Furthermore on maps, for example, of Endor, where there is much vegetation and are very open, is much easier not be detected and we eat surprise, however, being larger and more open enemies do not necessarily go anywhere, so our chances of success decrease. Unless it is for something very concrete that we work well, bring more income or bomber heat pump.