With the DLC Death Star, who introduced us to that impressive Combat Station mode (we tell how raze ), have come new additions to Star Wars Battlefront as well as a couple weapons of the most interesting . A total of four objects that significantly expand our arsenals, and we will na give many hours of fun.

Now we have told you how to unlock the Heavy Repeater TL-50 a brown beast that has positioned itself as one of the best blaster game. We have not stopped ons and we leave this guide to get Laser Mina . Today we come with the steps to Bryar unlock the K-16 one of the most private of Battlefront gun.

Unlocking the Bryar pistol K-16

battlefront bryar k 16

This blaster gun has, like the TL-50, a primary and a secondary shot . This means that we can not point rather than from the hip, but this disadvantage is offset by a wonderful secondary fire that kills the touch. Although a priori, has no destructive power as immense as the TL-50, and maybe you do need a buffeo your primary fire. But we are going to tell you how to get it.

Like all weapons and accessories that come in the DLC, we buy a contract Hutt this time “Executor Dark” . The requirements to unlock are not overly complicated, but one that we can resist for a long time, but not be difficult, if not for the poor accessibility that has to be completed.

need 10 eliminations with blaster pistol, worth on any map and any mode. The third is three bouts with blaster pistol, each streak is 7 eliminations in a single game; we can get the three in one, or where you want. The problem comes with the second: 25 eliminations with Han Solo


Is it difficult to get 25 eliminations with Han Solo? No, we can take the game on a flip AT-AT without despeinarnos, it is difficult to catch Han Solo in a game. Many recommend playing Heroes and Villains, but as everyone is catching Han Solo, we will take a long time. It is far better to let time and, let’s play what we play, if we touch a hero enhancer seize to be Han Solo and get those eliminations.

Once we have everything, we’ll have our gun available in the arsenal, and as I say, has a crumb. In its primary shot gets to do considerable damage, but we have a feeling that is well balanced with how poorly refrigerated. we are going to overheat quite because half need 3-4 shots to kill. The Rodian blaster is much more balanced.

The interesting thing comes from its secondary fire. As the TL-50, we can hold the button for the weapon pointed focus all your energy and throw it in one shot. Kill the touch and has no bullet drop some notes wherever he goes. For players with a very good shot is a bargain, and you can burst without despeinarte AT-ST. However, there is the fun part to drop the bombshell with the TL-50 and burst several rivals but not give them directly.

Yet is a fun gun we will require a little more time than the TL-50, which is all pretty easy to do, and probably receive a nerf in coming weeks.