Star Conflict: Evolution brings a new class of spacecraft


Star Conflict Multiplayer space online action film received a large New Year’s update Evolution, which debuted the first ship of the project “Ellidium.” The peculiarity of the ships became flexible customization with the ability to select the best configuration for the upcoming battle . The ship consists of two main parts: the cockpit, providing management, and the crystal mass, building up which can be selected spetsmodul, weapons, combat units, and modifiers from the ship power growth will increase, and its rank is important to note that the player can at any moment.. cancel spent to improve and change the chosen path of development.

The first in the line of attack will impact Thar’ga. For him are five versions with additional abilities and converters appearance. For example, modification of the “hunger Crystal” provides a high rate of fire and flight, which will rapidly move around the battlefield, constantly attacking enemies rain of laser beams. Configuration “Beehive” offers assistance in three combat drone, and the mother ship will provide them with support and regeneration.

Space Star Conflict fleet also added two new ships rare. In the New Year holidays from December 20 to January 17, players can get a unique in its characteristics and appearance of the machine – attack Jericho rank 10 Dart and frigate Empire 10 Gargoyle rank. unique weapons and special combat units are also available for those ships. In addition, players are waiting for the new station Ellidium Theta, created all of the same corporation Ellidium. Located in the world’s foreign exchange is striking both for its size and the study of details.

The evolution of the ship will require special rare resource called “xenocrysts”. Get their players will be able to special Christmas quests and tournaments. In addition to Star Conflict pilots were ready for a meeting with an unknown fully armed, from December 22 to January 2 in the kits in the game store and Steam will operate 50% discount.


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