SSD market at the end of last quarter has grown


TrendForce Analysts estimate that increased in quarterly terms by 15-20% in the third quarter shipments of client SSDs in the world and reached 32.3 million units.

Quarterly growth in notebook sales also led to an increase in SSD shipments to 25-26% compared with the previous quarter. As a result – about one in three laptop in the third quarter was equipped with a solid state drive


When this current quarter growth of client SSD sales amounted to only 2-3%. This is due to the relatively high cost TLC NAND memory.

Also, the source claims that most of the SSD was created in 2016 on the basis of memory, according to the norms established by 15 and 16 nm. In addition, at year-end drives memory TLC surpass sales model with MLC memory. As for the interface, here is dominated by the SATA 6Gb / s mean significantly lower cost and greater dissemination of the interface. Share drives with interface PCIe only 20% of the amount for the year, but already can reach 30-40% in the next year.