The popularity of the genre of Japanese role-playing games for a long time remained in the past. Large platform (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One) militants stormed a variety of Western and RPG studios at the time, as production of the Rising Sun remain the lot of special judges. Not long ago, Square Enix has released a continuation of the acclaimed last Star Ocean series exclusively for the console from Sony. It is now known that in line – mobile platforms


Star Ocean: Anamnesis

about Star Ocean: Anamnesis at the moment little is known. According to the Japanese, the project will visit the devices based on iOS and Android, developed by Tri-Ace studio. More details about the game plans to tell in this Thursday, October 20th. Recall, Star Ocean – a popular JRPG line from the company Square Enix. Unlike the vast majority of representatives of the genre, the setting of the show is based on fiction.