of waiting time, for the [fans Spotify as well as Apple TV . According to information from the streaming leader, the company does not release a special app for the Cupertino set-top-box, not least in the short term. In the meantime, however, there are alternatives comfortable for those who want to listen to your playlists even on your TV in the living room.

As reported by AppAdvice, on the basis of a discussion on GitHub, the support TVOS would not be one of the priorities of Spotify the world’s leading streaming. Confirmation of this seems to have been Samuel Erdtman:

The support has TVOS background. You’ll expect a release that the short media. I’m sorry.

The reasons are not well known or, at least, the company did not want to communicate them officially. However, it is not hard to sketch out some assumptions. The first, concerning the advisability of course: not only Apple TV is much less widespread than the portable devices and computers, but hardly someone will take advantage of the streaming in the living room through the TV, unless it it is not connected to a hi-fi equipment. The other, not secondary, concerns the long-standing challenge of streaming universe: on TVOS, in fact, it creates a confrontation rather than direct from Spotify and indigenous Service Apple Music .

As anticipated at the beginning, for Apple TV enthusiasts and Spotify are still viable alternatives. You can, in fact, take advantage of AirPlay both iOS and MacOS, then diverting playback from your Apple TV device. Right on MacOS however, the procedure is very easy: just hold down the “alt” key when you click on the volume bar, so opting for Apple TV, instead of the classic internal speaker as an audio output. On iOS, however, simply log in to the Control Center, opt for AirPlay and follow the easy instructions that will be given on the screen.