mobile Internet speed in Moscow significantly increased after the recession last year. In 2015 there was a decline of 15% due to the sharp growth in traffic, he explained CEO Denis TelecomDaily pieces.

Naibolshaya average and maximum speed of mobile Internet in 3G networks was the capital in Tele2 – 12,1 and . 31.6 Mbit / s, respectively, in the LTE segment took first place, “MegaFon” (18 Mbit / s – average speed; 93.1 Mbit / s – peak)

“with the arrival of the company for Tele2. which in a short time was able to build a high-quality voice communication network and mobile data, competition has increased in the Moscow market that should benefit not only customers, but also to the operators who will work more intensively on the network technical development and on the retention of their private and corporate clients “ – said Denis Kuskov

The best quality for the establishment of the compounds was observed in Tele2 and “VimpelCom”, which showed a minimum of locks and the continuity of voice calls. At the time of connection and voice quality factor leaders called Tele2 and “MegaFon”.