baby monitors, baby monitors are also called, are nothing new. Current models are able to not only show the image of the child and transmit audio, but also, for example, to measure the temperature.

But this is the device for parents who are not interested in the child and in no way is not affected. SoundBub – a device of a different type. In fact, this portable speaker system, matched with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

Детская АС SoundBub стоит $60

But it was created specifically for children. Firstly, SoundBub performed in a variety of animals. Secondly, they are made of special hypoallergenic materials, so SoundBub can pick up, bite, slobber and other means to show sympathy to devices infant.

Детская АС SoundBub стоит $60

Of course, a nice speaker system the child is not very necessary, except as a toy. Therefore, developers of software for SoundBub give parents the ability to customize how and what will be listening to their kids. For example, you can turn your child story, lullaby, your own voice, record the noise of rain and so on. The timer allows you to set the time that the recording will be played. Also, a physical press of the button will start playing white noise, which should help the child to fall asleep. SoundBub Cost is $ 60.