The President of Sony Interactive Entertainment America American division Sean Layden (Shawn Layden) said the company already at the time of the start of sales of PlayStation VR makes a profit from each device. “We make money on the sales of the VR -shlema” – he said in an interview with reporters the Polygon


Often, companies that manufacture gaming consoles, sell their systems initially below cost in order to quickly build up a user base and then to compensate for the loss of sales of games. But recently Sony prefers to avoid this somewhat risky policy.

In 2014, President and CEO of Sony Kazuo Hirai (Kazuo Hirai) said that the PlayStation 4 is not sold at a loss. “In terms of profitability of the PS 4 already contributes to the profitability of the hardware division – this business model is significantly different from our approach to previous platforms” – said it then.

The same applies to the Xbox One – even in 2013, Yusuf Mehdi (Yusuf Mehdi) from Microsoft said: “Our strategy is to get at least a minimum return on consoles sales will continue. And the additional revenue we receive from the sale of games, services the Xbox the Live and other features. And when we get to reduce the cost of production, as was the case with the Xbox 360, and we will reduce the retail cost of the system to be

more competitive. ”

Recall: PlayStation VR in the US sells for $ 400, while in Russia – 35 thousand rubles