In an interview with CNBC president of the European branch of Sony Computer Entertainment, Jim Ryan (Jim Ryan ) said that interest in the PlayStation VR very significant and, judging by the data of pre-orders, but in the early days were sold out run many hundreds of thousands of virtual reality helmets. Some retailers like GameStop already faced with the fact that many stores sold out all available devices, and companies are trying to hastily get Sony’s new batch of helmets to meet the demand.

Back in March, analyst firm SuperData made a report, which gave a forecast that Sony until the end of 2016 will be able to sell an impressive 2.6 million PS VR. Recently, analysts have upgraded their forecast, adding that demand for the helmet can be further increased in November, after the launch of the PlayStation 4, the Pro, having more than two times higher power compared to the original PS4.

Analysts believe that many consumers simply postpone the purchase of a helmet to release an updated set-top box. If the assumption is true, in November of supply problems are likely to worsen the helmet. Sony Considering the difficulties in the past with increased production volumes in response to strong demand, someone from potential buyers may have to celebrate Christmas without a PlayStation VR.

However, currently Jim Ryan is not too concerned about the problem: “We know that the figures replenishment cycle helmets on the shelves today are good, and production takes place at exactly the pace , which we expected. We have taken several decisions to further expand the supply by the end of 2016 and in 2017 year, so all over the world will be a lot of the PlayStation the VR . Will there be enough of it to meet the market demand – see “