Sony has released a mobile application “Communities PlayStation”


On PlayStation 4 just over a year ago, with the release of the system update version 3.0, there was a “Community” section enabling people with common interests to find each other easily. Since it was created thousands of communities through which millions of players to share their experiences, post their most interesting videos and screenshots and are looking for people for co-passing game. All these features are made available in a special mobile application for of iOS and All Android entitled “Community PlayStation».

The new mobile app will provide full access to the “Community”. Through it you can create new groups and to seek interest on existing games, as well as view the community, which consist friends. Through the application “Communities PlayStation» players can also leave comments, ask questions and communicate with others.

provided in the application and support notifications of replies to posts and comments, as well as messages from selected users. The “PlayStation Community» has a close relationship with existing applications and PlayStation “Messages PlayStation».

In addition, an application for mobile devices can be applied at home – for example, users can participate in the life of their community, without leaving the game



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