Sony has recently released a new version of its experimental firmware Concept for Android now in its version of MOB31E.Z1.3657 . The update should be notified to all members of the program and introduces some long overdue improvements, including a new function of the operating pattern double tap to wake up . With the recent update, the smartphone will perform a control using the proximity sensor before allowing the release, so as to eliminate any unintentional breakouts that may occur while holding the device in your pocket.

There are also several improvements to the battery information. Now you can delete the percentage from the status bar through the System Tuner UI accessed via a long press this gear settings in the Notifications menu. Beyond that it was fixed a bug that did not allow the battery percentage to adapt to the current color of the status bar.

the news does not end there, since we also find a new update of the launcher home now led to 10.2.A.1.12 version, compatible with Google Now and again regarding Google, we find the last of the October security patch. Finally it is also updated the application InTouch now in version 1.8.1, dedicated to the feedback submitted by users of this experimental version of the firmware Xperia.

In conclusion, Sony has also introduced a small easter egg that will allow you to see a picture of the team that took over the project Concept for Android. Sony has not officially revealed the ways in which to achieve this easter egg, but the community has quickly discovered and shared it with the rest of users: simply type the string * # * # 2468 # * # * on the phone dialer to access the photos, the same that you see posted below. So if you are using a Sony Xperia device equipped with firmware Concept for Android, you just need to check for the presence and installation.

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