Sony earns more than anyone in the market of virtual reality


01consulting Analysts have estimated the market of virtual reality in the current year, in order to understand where they are going and at what stage is now.

The first conclusion, which they did – in 2016 the market was dominated by equipment manufacturers. In particular, 30% Sony took market. However, it should be noted here that it is unclear on what basis to make such findings. Report analysts charge, so you have to rely on third-party data sources.

One of them said that Sony has taken this position because of the huge number of (40-50 million), the PlayStation 4 in the hands of users and low cost of the headset. However, the number of headsets sold is not called. On the other hand, analysts consider the market as a whole, and therefore, this includes the sale of games and other content for VR devices.

In second place Facebook allegedly settled with share of 11%, and followed by Google with a share of 8%. Analysts say that these players can not boast the same user base as the Sony, but both already generate “hundreds of millions of dollars” in revenue. Samsung and HTC with shares of 7% and 6% respectively close the top five.

content producers (except Sony) is significantly inferior to original equipment manufacturers in revenues in this segment, but analysts predict that this situation will change soon.

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