Snapseed the photo editing apps purchased from Google in 2012 is updated to version 2.13.0 introducing several new features of Android and iOS .

Among the novelties of the new update include:

Improved user interface that simplifies the selection and modification of the filter parameters. New Tool: White Balance. Correct the RAW file development with embedded color profiles.

As you can see from the images above, the new update introduces a new user interface for the selection and editing images now clearer and more manageable with the parameters shown in the top of the screen using a sideways swipe.

The last change, ultimately leading to better development and management of images captured in RAW format, now with embedded color profiles.

The new update, available now for version iOS App Store, is being phased rollout on the Play Store. Meanwhile, you can manually download the APK from the website

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Giuseppe Ricchiari VIA