In 2012, Google acquired Nik Software with the objective of to take over the park applications and programs implemented by the developer, dedicated to editing and even more to the image correction through a series of features, presets and advanced filters. Among them was Snapseed now one of the most used in mobile app for photo editing.

The update to version 2.13 introduces some interesting innovations. The first is a ‘ improved interface regarding access to changes related to parameters such as brightness, contrast, saturation, atmosphere, highlight, shadow, and temperature, in other words all harvested within the “Calibrate” category. Following updated environment will be accessible medianteuna new icon appears in the bottom of the screen, as shown in the screenshot attached below. Once you open the pop-up, each individual setting can be selected with a tap.

2.13 Snapseed is distributed today. This version includes an improved UI to select and edit parameters. In addition to being able to scroll up and down to select a parameter, you can now press the control icon in the bottom bar to show a selector of the available parameters. The one selected will be shown in the form of a slider in the top of the screen. To make the change you can, as always, make a swipe to the left or right.

The update to version 2.13 Snapseed introduces an improved and simplified management of the most used editing parameters

He also recorded progress with regard to the handling of images in RAW increasingly common on smartphones, especially those high equipped with photographic forms of high-end quality. Finally, on the iOS app Snapseed now introduces the ability to adjust in post-production the white balance. The update rollout has already kicked off, but it could take several days to reach all users. The impatient can still immediately download and manually install the ‘ APK for Android devices.