Source published a forecast of analysts UBI Research, concerning the use of flexible OLED displays in smart phones. According to this forecast, in the coming years will grow rapidly share of smartphones with “full-screen display”, which have little or no frames on either side.

The forecast illustrates a diagram in which the light green shows the share of smartphones with screens almost not having side frames and curved on the sides of the body. The gray color corresponds to smartphones with “full-screen displays.” Finally, blue represents smartphones with folding screens.

According to analysts, the first model with foldable displays will begin to appear as early as next year, but they will not be enough, because the task of manufacturers at this stage is to study the market reaction. Issue such smartphones in more or less significant quantities will begin only after a couple of years, and the first time they will be of very small market share. For example, in 2020, it is expected to release 1.5 million units, which corresponds to 2% of the market.

Source: OLED net

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