To date, only company Sharp has been able to release smartphones that have the scope of practically absent with three the sides of the display. All other manufacturers are limited to two-way “frameless”.

According to the source, in the pictures below – a new smartphone Xiaomi Mi Note 2.

As can be seen, like the Sharp devices, was captured in the device are practically no frame on three sides of the screen. Lower part of the body is not in the photo, so it’s hard to say how the whole looks like a smartphone.

Xiaomi готовит безрамочный смартфон

Against the background of even the flagship Mi 5, which in addition to the physical framework for the machine has a huge level of such internal black box, the novelty looks impressive. But we can not exclude that these photos may be fake.

Announcement Mi Note 2 is scheduled for October 25. Earlier in the network appears more informative picture, then that we will know what’s what.