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The most recent survey by Deloitte as the use of mobile phone in the world revealed interesting data. The last edition, in 2016, heard 50,000 respondents from 51 countries, and concluded that the Brazilian is quite adept at new technologies people.

And the numbers do not lie: in 2013, 29% of Brazilian respondents had a smartphone, and this year the percentage rose to 80%. Otherwise, half of the 2,000 respondents said they intended to exchange device within one year. Of these, 85% reported that the most frequently used applications are message exchanges, 63% make voice calls via mobile and, among young people, the great encourager are social networks.

By the way, speaking of voice calls, the research also shows that this is no longer a priority for the Brazilian, as the habit of talking on the phone has fallen to the same extent in growing the use of IM . “In 2013, 80% of smartphone users were voice calls; this year the figure dropped to 69%, “said Marcia Ogawa, Deloitte partner and leader to meet the IT industry.

The survey also raised some data that mark the Brazilian behavior when using smartphone: 48% give the phone messages five minutes before bedtime; 37% agree in the night and check the cell; 12% talk on a cell phone while driving; and 15% cross streets talking on the phone. In addition, photos and videos are part of the Brazilian routine: 52% of smartphone users use mobile phones to take pictures, 39% share their photos and 33% use the device to record videos.

With the technology in the palm, open up doors for other types of services, such as banking and e-commerce. To get an idea of ​​smartphone users, 56% check their current account balance, pay bills and make transfers. None of the other did not conduct any operation type in the last three months before the survey. Marcia, the explanation lies in the fear of viruses, information theft and data interception, but still, according to the results of the survey, 8% of people do not use any password locking system, PIN or digital recognition on their smartphones .

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