Elephone Company prepares to release a new flagship smartphone Elephone S8, which will differ lack of a framework on three sides of the display, like the recently released Xiaomi Mi Mix .

Sources added that Elephone S8 will be better and more productive Xiaomi Mi Mix. Based on the concept-art, the device will be equipped with curved on the sides of the display.

SoC will have 10 cores, probably we are talking about the decision of MediaTek. Rear panel coated glass will sparkle in the light, as well as at Elephone S7. The manufacturer calls this effect Lumia Waves. RAM in the device will not be less than 4 GB of flash memory capacity is up to 128GB.

Elephone states that Elephone S8 main camera and fingerprint sensor will be located in an unusual way, not like at all the other smartphones.