Chinese company No.1, which often produces new models of smart watches, unveiled the device No.1 G7. These watches can not boast large amounts of RAM and flash memory, as No.1 D6 and No.1 D5 + but in functionality, according to the manufacturer, is not affected.

hours of data Design was created in such a way that they can be worn both on hand with the strap, and on the neck, like a large pendant. In addition, a slot for Mini-SIM card allows No.1 G7 owners to avoid the use of a smartphone, because the device allows you to make calls on GSM networks, it is equipped with a built-in speaker and microphone with noise reduction.

 Smart Watch No.1 G7 can perform the role of the smartphone

Watch No.1 G7 gained 1.54 inch diagonal display of 240 x 240 pixels, which is covered with a protective glass 2.5D. As a single-chip system is a MediaTek MT2502, RAM and flash memory is 64 MB and 128, respectively. There is the possibility of a microSD memory card up to 8 GB. Also equipment includes heart rate sensor, 380 mA • h capacity battery and Bluetooth 4.0 module.

 Smart Watch No.1 G7 can perform the role of the smartphone

When the dimensions of 46,7 x 37,9 x 9,9 mm watch weighs 30 grams, about the release date and price information yet.