Earlier this year, Sony showed a device Xperia Ear which is a smart earphone, speaker, on the idea of ​​the company as a personal assistant. Xperia Ear understands voice commands and allows you to dictate text messages.

Also, in the device options list the ability to voice a variety of information ranging from weather reports, and breaking news and ending with receiving text messages.

Умный наушник Sony Xperia Ear оказался недешёвым

But only yesterday, it became known how much it will cost the same buyers that device. In Europe, we will have to part with 200 euros, if you want to take over Xperia Ear. In the UK, the cost is £ 180. To heighten the attraction of attention, pre-order Sony gives a gift voucher for a discount when buying a smartphone in the amount of 50 euros or 45 pounds. Supply earphone will begin on November 13th. On the same day the voucher will terminate.

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