Yesterday was also presented Huawei Honor S1 smart watches, which serve not only to communicate to the owner the exact time, but to perform the traditional for wearable electronics applications.

Huawei Honor S1 can monitor your heart rate, calories burned, distance traveled by (jogging, swimming, cycling and so on). Hours are protected from dust and moisture in accordance with the requirements of class IP68.

The clock support modern payment services, so if you do not have to hand the wallet and a smartphone with such functionality, you can easily confirm the purchase before running a hand scanner. The manufacturer claims that all transactions carried out with the help of Huawei Honor S1, will be protected.

Умные часы Huawei Honor S1 стоят чуть более $100

Huawei Honor S1 will go on sale for $ 104 on October 25 of this year.