Through its official blog, Skype announced that users will soon be able to use their ID to access the other targati services Microsoft . According to the company, users will still need to have an email address to access some services but with the Skype ID will be able to log on onedrive and Xbox Live. This option, which simplifies the use of many services of Redmond will be used from next week.

This is an innovation which is not surprising given that Microsoft has decided to take over direct management of Skype. The Redmond, now, will handle the stage of access and the Skype password recovery. Therefore, if users these days have already noticed some changes, it is to reconnect to this transition. Microsoft also invites its users to upgrade their account to Skype in order to have a single ID for access to all services. Having unified accounts, users can continue to normally use their name on Skype but for access to the communication platform will need to use the Microsoft account password.

Those who prefer to continue to maintain the separate account must be added to the account of a Skype email address to allow a faster recovery in the event of lost passwords.

In addition to this news, Microsoft has added the ability to make video calls through the new version of Skype for Linux that although still in alpha version is growing very rapidly.