SKI has mapped how satisfied customers various mobile operators in Sweden. The measurement is based on interviews with two thousand customers between August and September this year.

Three received the lowest rating in the survey. Some of the objections of customers are poorer coverage, the service does not live up to expectations, and poor customer service. The operator has fallen close to 10 units in the index since last year.

Halebop, Tele2 and Comviq the frontrunner in the index. According to the survey, Halebop partly high score for its customers believe that it is an OK business. Customers appreciate Comviq pricing, while Tele2 earned on good customer service.

index below goes from 0 – 100. According to SKI equivalent to an index of 75 customers are very satisfied, while an index below 60 indicates that the company has problems to hold on to their customers.

Halebop – 71 Tele2 – Other 70.8 – 70.8 Comviq – Telia 69.3 – 66.2 Telenor – 65 Three – 58.8

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