Sixth season of Game of Thrones arrives on DVD and Blu-ray this year

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If you were excited about the latest episode of Game of Thrones , you can start preparing the space on the shelf to receive the box of sixth season of the popular series. Warner Home Entertainment, responsible for the series of distribution here, confirmed that the DVD and Blu-Ray with the last 10 episodes aired on HBO will be released in Brazil this year.

According to the company, the boxes will be available in major online stores from November 10 and will cost between R $ 149.90 and R $ 199.90 – that is, the same price as in past seasons, to the delight of those who feared an increase due to the high dollar. And more than just bring the episodes, the discs also bring various bonuses, good news for those who always look for something extra in their collections.

boxes of the sixth season will feature the cast comments and production that help the viewer to have a different view of all events. So, who you want to know the backstage of that battle that left all excited world or as they did to keep secret a highly anticipated return can be knowing everything.

However, the art must stamp the box has not yet been revealed – what should happen only when the American edition is released

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