“Smart” Now very few people surprise home appliances and electronics, as well because developers have begun to actively integrate the various sensors in the clothes and the most ordinary objects of everyday life. The market is now available to order smart heated insoles, as well as various options for sports shoes that can determine – as far as technically you move while running. Engineers startup Siren Care decided to give the unique capabilities of smart socks, presenting the international community product under the same name.

does not stand out from the mean pair of socks Siren Care actually ready to become a useful gadget for people with diabetes. Considered wearable device designed to be your personal doctor-diagnostician, focused on patients with diabetes, the first and second type. For both types of the disease is characterized by symptoms such as inflammation of the feet. The founders of Project Siren Care offer track brake temperature changes for the early detection of edema and then notify the owner of “smart” mobile software through socks.

All collected information is transmitted to the gadget synchronized with a tablet or smartphone, and can also be downloaded to the cloud.

With regard to the durability of socks equipped with electronic components, the present invention is able to operate continuously for six months, after which the battery charge is depleted. Such a long battery life due to the fact that the sensors are activated only directly during the operation of the garment for its intended purpose. Otherwise, the electronics takes on a “sleep mode”.

The smart component Siren Care is not afraid of hand washing or washing machine.

Retail cost of the set – seven pairs of “smart” socks – is $ 180, but will be able to purchase for $ 120 at the stage of preorder Siren Care .

In the future, the developers plan to complement their offspring with new sensors, including moisture sensor, illumination, pressure, interwoven into the fabric of the LEDs.


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