Shadow Warrior is a crazy saga of action FPSs which dates back to the mid-nineties when they left the first three installments. When everyone thought that the franchise was buried and forgotten in 2013 Fliying boys Wild Hog (the development team) with Digital Return (the prestigious distributor) we presented an interesting reboot of the saga. Now years later comes the sequel to the reset of the saga, which has not only improved graphically but it offers a host of new features and improvements . Here we tell you what are the keys to the game and some other advice to get the best out of the particular Wang.

Lo Wang, hired murderer

  • hilarious black humor: If there is something entirely characteristic of the saga about the gore and guts is your crazy humor. Lo Wang; the protagonist is a walking stereotype Asian (not even know if it’s Chinese or Japanese, it seems that neither he knows his nationality), but the game makes use of stereotype and gives us hilarious parodies, jokes and other nonsense continuously. An original character for a real game.

  • frantic Combat: Do not expect a shooter to use Shadow Warrior 2 is anything but generic. We expect action fighting rampant different types of enemies really exotic locations.

  • Someone said Ninjas: It is essential that we use the Katana. Do not underestimate for being a melee weapon, cutting weapon gameplay is a fundamental pillar in the mechanics of the game.

  • Improvements everywhere: In Shadow Warrior 2 includes a developed system improvements that allow us to customize our character a bit and adapt to our style of play. We have typical life improvements to different bufos through all kinds of skills “chi” different.

  • Equipment to gogó: There is nothing better than finding a piece of special equipment nothing defeat a boss. Well, another new feature is that the game gives more weight to the computer system and customization, with many different parts.

You know that offers Shadow Warrior 2 now you just have to make with him and vitiate as ever.