Service Google Flights learn to make predictions about the price drop


Service Google Flights, known as Google Cheap receive an update that will bring interest to the user the ability to predict the price. Now the service will notify customers of when the rise or fall in the price they are interested in flight. This is a useful option for those who prefer to wait for the optimal value of the tickets, or just not sure when to make a purchase.

The updated service will provide all the desired information about how to change the price on a specific flight in the near future and will offer advice on the most favorable purchasing the ticket. After entering the flight number, the user will be notified of the likely increase in cost, as well as about how long the expected price changes.

Google Flights

In addition, the Google offer cheap alternatives for those who are not satisfied with the current price on the desired flight (or its expected changes). So users of the service will recommend an alternative date of departure from other airports.

In order that the buyer has not missed an important warning about the rise or fall of the cost of tickets, notifications from Google Flights can come directly to your email. In addition, the service introduces a new filter “Proposals”, where you can select special rates at local hotels in the arrival day.

Update service will be distributed in stages and should be completed in the coming weeks.


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