Company Biostar announced the release of a series of solid state drives S100. The series includes the SSD of 120 and 240 GB. Storage size 2.5 inches, equipped with interface SATA 6 Gb / s, for Biostar words, targeted at those wishing to upgrade existing systems. Make notes affordable prices new SSD: a model with 120 GB costs $ 43, and a volume of 240 GB – $ 69.

The drive serial recording 120 GB capacity develops data transfer rate of 380 MB / s. Drive 240 GB capacity demonstrates the value of 410 MB / s. In sequential read mode, both SSD reach speeds up to 530 MB / s.

Модель Biostar S100 объемом 120 ГБ стоит $43, объемом 240 ГБ — $69

Resource manufacturer does not indicate limited warranty period, which is three years. The thickness of the drives – 7 mm.

Source: the Biostar

the Biostar